Private shamanic healing and counseling addresses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
issues through the soul and heart. Private session work may involve methods of empowerment
to reconnect the client to non-ordinary, unconditional sources of life that support, inspire and
protect them. It may involve responsible cleansing and releasing of what is unhealthy or
unresolved for the client on a spiritual level. Restorative or rebalancing healing methods such
as soul-retrieval may be indicated. It may also involve clarifying issues or addressing questions
important to the client’s life and well-being as well as integrating needed changes. Most private
sessions involve one or more of these methods.

Other services include house or land clearings and blessings, as well as creating ceremonies for
individuals and groups. I regularly co-lead seasonal ceremonies at the Wright Way Organic
Resource Center in Malibu. As a Minister of the Progressive Universal Life Church, I perform
individual rites of ceremonial passage for events and ceremonies such as weddings, baby
blessings, birthdays, memorials and other ceremonies.